The DLR PowerTrain Library

DLR PowerTrain Library

The DLR PowerTrain is a licensed Modelica library providing one-dimensional rotational mechanical components for vehicle powertrains, including automatic gearboxes, as well as components to model hybrid and pure electrical powertrains. Three-dimensional mechanical effects can be taken into account, e.g. when mounting a powertrain on a multi-body vehicle dynamics model. The library is commercially available at Dassault Systems.

Features of the Library:

Manual and automatic TransmissionsDriver ModelsSupplementary assembliesThree-dimensional Mechanical Effects
  • High fidelity models of manual, automatic and dual clutch transmissions
  • Gear sets such as Lepelletier or extended Simpson
  • Lossy gear models with efficient and robust handling of speed and torque dependent friction

  • To enable the prediction of attributes such as vehicle performance, fuel economy or drivability

  • To enable full powertrain models and analyses
  • Map-based internal combustion engines
  • Electric traction motors and battery packs
  • Drivelines with wide range of differentials (torque vectoring, torsen, etc.)
  • Longitudinal dynamics of vehicles
  • Various level of detail

  • To optionally couple to multibody models of vehicles
  • Enables e.g. to analyse interactions between powertrain and vehicle dynamics

Application Examples

DLR ROboMObil – HIL Simulator

The ROboMObil is an electro-mobility concept based on intelligent central control of four wheel robots, which integrate the drivetrain, brakes, steering and dampers. The integration of the vehicle dynamic actuation systems in the wheel vicinity enables the ROboMObil enhanced manoeuvrability so that the vehicle can rotate around its central axis or even drive sideways.
The main energy storage unit is a Lithium-Ion battery pack. It powers the four wheel-mounted traction motors. Two DC/DC converters connect the 340 V high-voltage system with the 24 V low voltage system, which supply the steering and braking actuators as well as the onboard computer systems. In the PowerTrain library, both verified models of these components and ROboMObil’s powertrain architecture are available.

In the case study, a simulative investigation of the performance provided by different powertrain configurations of road vehicles was conducted, with the research platform ROboMObil (ROMO) considered as reference vehicle for all investigations. Based on this platform, different powertrain variants such as rear-wheel-drive – either with in-wheel motors or torque vectoring devices – or all-wheel-drive and all-wheel steering cars (which is based on the ROboMObil vehicle) were investigated.
Lepelletier Gearbox
A test bench for a six-speed automatic gearbox using a controlled Lepelletier gearset.
While the red input shaft rotates with a constant speed, the speed of the blue output shaft increases step-by-step.